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Deconstructing Democracy

  Democracy Deconstructed   Let’s turn to something more serious. I’ve been thinking about democracy a lot lately because (along with “freedom”) promoting this concept has been driving our foreign policy over the last decade. Seems to me, though, the word can use some deconstruction.   Dude! The People Rule, Man! The concept is simple: […]

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End Game

End Game in Afghanistan?   Some journalists say the “end game” in Afghanistan has begun. And maybe so, if  “end game” is defined as a process that can go on for decades. There is, in any case, lots of chatter now about a negotiated settlement to the war. Karzai has convened 68 “elders” and leaders […]

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Concentration Is the Key   These days, I notice, many people take pride in their ability to multitask.  Me?  I just wish I could master mono-tasking.  Everything I’ve done well in my life, I’ve done in a state of concentration—a state of such focus on one task that no other concern can break in. My […]

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Rise of the North

The Rise of Northern Afghanistan The second most interesting story coming out of Afghanistan these days is the rumor that Taliban leaders are putting out peace feelers and may be interested in talking about a negotiated settlement to the war.  Any truth to these rumors ? That’s the big question.  Taliban spokesmen deride the reports. […]

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My Cat Raoul

A Few Words About My Cat Raoul   I’d like to say one or two things about my cat Raoul. And if that makes me sound like an eccentric old lady who also feeds bears, so be it. After all, Jon Carroll does it all the time (writes about cats, I mean: not feed bears) […]

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