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Google Is Kafka

    Google: the New Kafka?    Let me tell you the surreal story of Google and me. For a few months, this space—the upper right hand corner of this page and of two others on this site—featured an unobtrusive box containing “ads by Google.”                 The ads were there because someone told me I could […]

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WikiLeak the Night Away   The real significance of WikiLeaks?       These days I can’t go anywhere without hearing or seeing chatter them.  And most of the chatter, to me, has either an old-fashioned, power-to-the-people 60’s ring to it, or a familiar hysterical, Bush–era, terrorists-are-winning frame around it.       And to me, both responses miss the point. I […]

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2010 Movies

  Movies of 2010: Best to Worst   I have to say,  2010 was not, in my opinion, a good year for movies. I saw 21 of them (not counting the ones I saw on DVD or on-demand, which were mostly made in earlier years) and only six qualified, for me, as good. Four others […]

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