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Public Good

    The Public Good      I worry that the idea of a common good is declining. Suddenly, for example, that dour intellectual battleaxe of the 1950s, Ayn Rand, has found an enthusiastic new audience among young adults. This is the same Ayn Rand who identified self-interest as the highest good and preached that […]

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Not Your Founding Father’s Democracy

      Not Your (Founding) Father’s Democracy       Another gut-wrenching presidential campaign season screams into full gear. What a process! Why on Earth did the founders ever craft such a system? Actually, they didn’t. The process we are in the middle of bears little resemblance to the one that put George Washington […]

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The Case for Liberal Arts

     Higher Education   The Case for Liberal Arts       It’s too soon to write obituaries for the classic, residential, liberal arts college. Applications at my own alma mater, Reed College, are up. Ditto for Haverford, Williams, and all their ilk. But why would anyone pay for an education that provides no concrete […]

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