Writing Workshop: Memoir

Life/Story is a workshop for writers who are working on a memoir or have a project in mind. Five writers get together with Ansary for two-hour meetings to discuss their work. Each writer submits a piece by email beforehand.  Writers can share excerpts from a work-in-progress, stand-alone narrative pieces, outlines, and ruminations on the structure of their intended work. Whatever they submit gets workshopped at the next session:  that is, the group discusses it, offers suggestions and analysis, and gives productive feedback.  The atmosphere is both supportive and intensive.  Memoir is the intersection between memory and story, and in this workshop the emphasis is equally on story–the “what-happened”–and on writing–the “how-it’s-told”. The workshop costs $350 for six meetings over twelve weeks.

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Life/Story is founded on the premise that every life not only teems with stories but is a story.  No one really knows what their story is until they look for it;  the trick is not merely to remember what happened but to find the story (or stories) in it.  A memoir can be about sensational experiences that depart radically from the byways of normal life,  but it doesn’t have to be.  Anything you might find in a novel, you might find in a life–and therefore in a memoir.  The riveting Russian novel Oblomov is about a guy who never gets out of bed.  The novel Mrs Dalloway is about a woman who takes a walk in her garden.  It’s safe to say that most people have as much to write about as Oblomov or Mrs. Dalloway.

For further thoughts on the art of memoir, read Ansary’s interview with David Henry Sterry.

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Yanina 6reducedAnsary, a long-time author, editor, and teacher, has written three book-length memoirs: West of Kabul, East of New York is his bestselling literary memoir about his own bicultural life.  The Other Side of the Sky, an as-told-to memoir about land-mine victim Farah Ahmadi, made the New York Times extended bestseller list .   He has just published a third memoir, Road Trips, which portrays the story-like arc of one-whole-life by recounting three iconic journeys. In 2008-09, he developed a workshop to help young Afghan-Americans tell their stories, and it resulted in an anthology called Snapshots: This Afghan-American Life, featuring stories by 15 young writers. For 22 years, as leader of the San Francisco Writers Workshop, he worked with dozens of writers crafting memoirs, many of which ended up as successful published books, such as David Sterry’s bestelling Chicken: Self Portrait of a Young Man for Rent and Michael Chorost’s PEN-award winning  Rebuilt: How Becoming Part Computer Made Me More Human. Ansary has also taught  memoir writing workshops at Reed College and at Taheima Resort in Puerto Vallerta .