The Republican Candidates


Republican Presidential Candidates:
The Crop of 2012
Field of Nightmares


I believe I have the measure of this upcoming presidential election: Obama is going to lose–but only if he runs unopposed. 

If the Republicans put up a candidate–any candidate, it turns out–Obama wins.

I saw a couple of curious facts recently.

Fact one: a sizable majority of Republicans think Mitt Romney is the candidate with the best chance of beating Obama. 
Fact two: a sizable majority of Republicans don’t want Romney to be their candidate.


I hold no brief for Romney, but man, I feel kind of sorry for him seeing the parade of bizarre characters who have surged in popularity among Republicans as alternatives to Romney.   Imagine what it would be like to run for president and the public says, no, we’d rather have, ummm…who you got? Sarah Palin? Okay, her. Yeah.  We’d rather have her.  She implodes and the question comes up again. What about Romney?  Isn’t he the best candidate still standing?  And the public says, no, we’d rather have…who else is there? Perry? Yeah, him.  Or maybe the pizza guy, the groper.   Or what about the philosopher, what’s his name? The one who keeps having affairs and switching religions? The one who led the impeachment hearings against Clinton for having an affair with a White House intern at the same time as he was carry on on a secret affair with a Congressional aide and getting ready to divorce his second wife? The one who one earned millions working for Fannie Mae, just before the mortgage meltdown, for his advice as a…historian (wink, wink) Gingrich! That’s the guy!  Yeah, him! He’d be better than this Romney fellow.

  • Palin, of course, is the patriot who’s unclear about Paul Revere and what he did. Take a look.
  • Perry is the candidate who can’t hold three thoughts in his brain at once. Take a look.
  • Bachman confused actor John Wayne with serial killer John Wayne Gacy, said the American revolution started in new Hampshire, and thinks America’s founding fathers abolished slavery. Take a look.
  • Herman Cain is the one who isn’t sure what or where Libya is. Take a look.
  • Rick Santorum claims scientists have no moral compunctions. Take a look.
  • Then there’s Christine O’Donnell (I know she didn’t declare her candidacy for president, but if she had, you can bet she would have out-polled Romney among Republicans.) She’s the strict constitutionalist who hasn’t read the First Amendment.  Take a look.
  • And finally, we’re back to Newt.  Columnist Debra Saunders quotes him claiming that he has engaged in serial adultery “partially” because of how passionate he feels about his country.  Read her column

You gotta’ have a tough skin to be in politics. If I were Romney and saw all the characters my base prefered to me, I’d have put my marbles in my pocket and headed home. Incidentally, I didn’t list Ron Paul above, because he’s not a Republican candidate. He’s a third-party something-or-other waiting to happen.  

As for Mr. Obama, his first three years did not look promising, but if the Niners can go to the NFC championship game one years after they were in the cellar, there’s no telling what the Obama administration can do, especially if it drafts a few more guys named Smith. And maybe gets a new coach?  

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